Our restaurant is open continuously from 8am for breakfast until 11pm for your lunch or dinner. We offer each day a new menu of moroccan dishes for our half-board clients. However, for our hotel clients as external ones, our menu “à la carte” is available. We can host your event with a capacity of more than 300 persons.

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These are the most important moroccan dishes we serve and you can savour – as you prefer, on one of our restaurant room, one of our terrace or by the swimming pool:
brochette Skewers : of Turkey, chicken, beef or mutton. A delight. Simple and fast.
couscous Couscous : It is the traditional family lunch of Friday, but you will find every day in the restaurant. During your trip, Morocco couscous cuisine, you can taste a thousand different couscous, since they vary by region and creativity of the cook.
mechoui Méchoui : Roast lamb or goat on a spit or in the oven. The meat melts in your mouth.
ramadan)table Ramadan Dishes : At sunset, we break the fast (f’tour) with the rich and tasty harira, meat soup, lentils and chickpeas, beghrir, small honeycomb pancakes served with melted butter and honey the shebbakia, cakes fried in oil and coated with honey and, of course, dates. This breakfast “light” lets wait for the real dinner that takes place later in the night.
tajine Tajines : This word refers to both the container (flat earthenware decorated topped with a typical conical lid) and the best of Moroccan cuisine (meat stew, poultry or fish and vegetables stewed). Taste, you will understand why the tajine is the Moroccan national dish. Try not to use your cutlery to eat it, he rather enjoyed with your fingers.
patisserie-marocain Moroccan patisseries : Honey cakes, horns of gazelles, feqqas almonds, raisins, ghoriba with almonds and sesame … Irresistible!